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Cut the Dust! How to Have Less Dust in Your House

Cut the Dust! How to Have Less Dust in Your House

Dusting ain’t fun. But it is necessary.  And having a build-up of dust is not only bad for you but it looks awful, too.  Dummies.com says that the average house has about 40 pounds worth of dust generated in a year.  Eww.  Dust bunnies aren’t cute! How can you cut down the dust in your home? Here are some strategies:

Organize Closets

Closets can hold a whole lot of dust, especially if they’re the kind of closet that looks like a jumbled mess and /or threatens to avalanche whenever you open the door.  An organized closet is easier to keep clean and easier to get into for vacuuming, too. Garment bags can be a good investment that keeps dust down.

Allergen Covers

Dust ruffles and dust covers help — immensely. Dust covers for your bed and your pillow cases can help.

Clean and Vacuum Soft Furnishings Often

Clean often, particularly your bedroom, where you spend about 1/3 of your life. You probably clean the soft furnishings in your living room weekly or more often but most people clean their bedroom less often because they think it doesn’t endure as much ‘living’ as the main family room. You’re breathing the air in your bedroom more often than the living room (particularly if you work outside the home).

Cleaning Supplies Help

The right supplies can be a big help. Electrostatic dusters and cloths can make it much easier to catch dust rather than simply brushing it off the surface.

A good vacuum helps, too, not only in sucking up the dust and dirt but if it has a HEPA filter you’re not going to be spraying the allergens around. Vaccuum 2 x a week (more often if you have shedding pets or someone in the house with allegies) and be sure to empty the vacuum (unless it has a bag) outdoors.

Air Cleaners

A filter on your furnace for the air and /or an air cleaner in the home can help zap dust, too.

More info / tips:

  • -Ventilation helps. You’ll need to clean more often if you have, for instance, electric baseboards rather than an HVAC system with ventilation.
  • -Keep pets out of the bed and off the furniture, if possible, and have them groomed frequently to reduce pet dander.


More info: Reader’s Digest, WebMD




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