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Getting More Use Out of Your Freezer this Summer

Getting More Use Out of Your Freezer this Summer

Does your freezer sit largely empty? Does it simply hold ice cream and a whole lot of ice plus a few sad looking frozen TV dinners?  Some of us get great use out of our freezers and some of us, not so much.

Here are three ways to get more use out of your freezer this summer:

Freezing Fruits and Vegetables.

Go fruit and vegetable picking with your kids. It’s great fun, teaches them about farming, and gets your family eating plenty of local, in-season produce.

Bought too much? Learn a bit about the best way to freeze fruits and vegetables.  It’s not as simple as sticking them in a zippered freezer bag and popping them in the freezer.

Get more info: Freezing vegetables. There are some great tips for freezing veggies and fruits at the peak of freshness and maximizing their lifespan so that they’ll taste wonderful when you use them later.

Homemade Popsicles:

Instead of spending money on sugary popsicles that are bereft of nutrition, why not make your own?

Inhabitat offers some great examples of healthy organic popsicles.

Freezing Herbs:

Food tastes so much better with fresh herbs. If you haven’t yet dabbled, consider trying some the next time you go to the supermarket. Even something as simple as fresh parsley adds depth to the flavor of your recipes.  If you don’t think you can use up as much as you’ve bought and/or you want to dabble with your own windowsill herb garden, you’ll want to acquaint yourself with freezing herbs.

The Kitchn suggests freezing them in olive oil in ice cube trays.  Yum!

Freezer Meals

The next time you make something hearty, like lasagna, pasta sauce, or chili, double your ingredients. It tends to take not much longer and then you’ll build a stockpile of freezer meals for busy nights and unexpected guests.

This Pinterest board has oodles of ideas.

By the time you acquaint yourself with all these ideas you may want to buy a bigger freezer!

(Image: Flickr/Sporkist)

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