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Great Uses for Club Soda

Soda water is commonly reached for when someone spills something on the rug. But carpet stains are not the only thing you can use carbonated water for. Here are some other ideas:

Soak Clothes in It

The airy bubbles can also help prevent a stain from setting in your clothing, too.

House Plants and Gardening and Club Soda

Feeding your houseplants and your garden plants club soda could make them grow faster due to the oxygenated bubbles.

Soda Pop Fake Out

Do your children love fizzy beverages but you worry about the sugar content? You can often get kids to drink fizzy water. Some prefer it over plan water.  You can also make homemade ‘soda pop’ by mixing juice with carbonated water. This dilutes the juice and gives your child the impression of a soft drink.

Jewellery Cleaner

Using some carbonated water and a toothbrush could help you get your gemstones clean.

Help an Upset Stomach

There are many products that are available in tablet form to be added to a glass of water for taming an upset stomach or curing a headache. You can use club soda in the same way!

Rust Removal

Some people swear by soaking rusty objects in club soda and then drying them.

Pots and Pans Cleaner

Adding some soda water to dirty pots and pans and leaving to soak for a few minutes can help loosen grime.

Cooking with Club Soda

Some use club soda in place of water in marinades and gravies and many say it’s their secret ingredient in pancakes to make those flapjacks fluffier and works great in waffles and baked goods too (where water is called for).


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