Home Healthy Living Honey: A Great Beauty Ingredient and Home “Remedy”

Honey: A Great Beauty Ingredient and Home “Remedy”

Honey: A Great Beauty Ingredient and Home “Remedy”

Is honey a good beauty ingredient? Many women think so. A lot of products have honey as an ingredient in it and there are some home beauty remedies that you might want to take advantage of, too.

Honey for Beauty and Remedies

Honey is natural, antibacterial, can help with acne, lessen the appearance of scars, soften your skin, it’s often in shampoo, lip balm, added to exfoliating scrubs to slough away dead skin, is often used in fungal cures for vaginal and foot fungi, works great for a sore throat or cough, can be mixed with sugar and lemon for a body sugaring hair remover, strengthens hair in conditioners and hair masks, can be present in face masks or homemade facial scrubs, as a burn or scrape remedy, and the list goes on.

Honey and Your Health

Honey can have some great health benefits, too, and it has been used in herbal / naturopathic medicine for generations. It has flavonoids and antioxidants and your body can use it up entirely.  Using it in baking as an alternative to sugar as well as for homemade beauty and home remedies could be therapeutic.

Benefits of Eating Local Honey for Seasonal Allergy Sufferers

Some suggest avoiding honey if you are allergic to pollen. Others say that if you have seasonal allergies that you consume local honey and that it could be a big help in preventing some seasonal allergies due to the fact that the honey comes from your local area and could help the body build up a resistance to certain allergies, such as pollen allergies. Talk to your allergist about your specific situation.

Honey and Babies

Honey can be sold as pasteurized or as raw honey and it’s important to be sure to avoid giving honey to babies under 1 as it could contain botulism and this could make children very ill.




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