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How to Deal with Fruit Flies

It’s a great time of year for fresh produce but there’s a downside — fruit flies.  Fruit flies tend to turn up once your fruit bowl gets over-ripe.  A good way to avoid getting fruit flies is to keep your fruit in the refrigerator but some fruit just doesn’t taste as good refrigerated (like peaches and bananas) and some fruit comes home less than ripe so leaving it on the counter to get it to ripen is commonplace (another reason to buy local — better chances of getting fruit that’s just perfect and ready to eat when you get it home).

Where do Fruit Flies Come From?

Fruit flies seem to multiple super-fast and before you know it, your kitchen is swarming. Sometimes fruit flies have come in on your fruit from the supermarket and other times, they are attracted through the scent of the rotting fruit that can bring fruit flies in from far and wide. Because they’re so tiny, they can often get through window screens.

Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Several fruit fly catching recipes are said to work. Some use a bit of apple cider vinegar in a bowl on the counter to attract and drown them and others make a solution of water, vinegar, sugar, and dish soap.  A good strategy is to use a recipe in a dish covered by a funnel as the bugs are attracted to the scent through a small opening but typically drown instead of being able to escape.  Once you’ve gotten rid of them and ensured you’ve not left out any rotting fruit or veggies you should be free and clear.



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Image: Wikimedia Commons

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